What Do You Desire In 2016?


Happy 2016 Blog Land!

Yesterday I went to an intention setting workshop and it was a great time think about the year ahead. I was expecting to walk away with a clear view of what I wanted this year, but instead I left with more questions. I want to share those questions with you because they helped me have a great conversation with my partner about how together we will support each other this year. Hopefully, these questions  will also help you engage in a conversation with someone important in your life and how you can support each other.

  1. What are my resounding yeses? I do a lot of things for a lot of people and say yes way too often. But what are the things I say yes to for myself? When it took me more than thirty seconds to think of something in the last couple of days, I knew I had a problem. By saying yes to everyone else, I have limited my brain space to say yes to the nonnegotiable things in my life. Like pursuing a social innovation venture or going back to school. My needs and passions have been dulled by all the other clutter and everyone else’s day to day requests that I have gotten stuck in the weeds.  So I am thinking of my big dreams and will get back to you about my resounding yeses for the year!
  2. How do I give myself permission? This is something I really struggle with. Giving myself permission to relax, to say no, to celebrate the small successes – but most importantly, being gentle with myself. I give everyone else the benefit of the doubt, but myself. Thanks to this workshop, I have a great session topic with my therapist next week! And I hope you can reflect on this idea too, because we all need to be more gentle with ourselves.
  3. What are small actions I can to do feel my desires?  I had a huge “aha” moment during the workshop and although its really not that earth shattering – something clicked. How do you feel your desire or intention before you reach your goal? So if I desire to be healthy, how do I feel that, before I reach my goal of running a 5K. If I desire to be adventurous, how I feel that before I set off backpacking around the world. At this time, I’m not backpacking anytime in the near future, but I can take a day trip to explore a nearby area. And last night I took a longer walk with my dog and partner and didn’t eat the dessert at dinner to feel that desire of health. It is the idea that we can all live our desires on a daily basis, we just have to be willing to!

I hope these questions will provoke a conversation with a VIP in your life,or get the juices going for a great journalling session. Because you deserve what you desire and what you seek is also seeking you.

Join me on instagram @gratefulheartyoga to explore your intentions and desires for 2016. Each day has a new theme and on the 9th day you will announce your intention for the year! Two lucky winners will win one of my meditations stones from my Etsy Shop to help inspire your desires.  And as a Bonus the entire shop is 20% off till the 9th using the coupon code INTENTION.

IntentionSetting_Be IntentionSetting_Brave IntentionSetting_Breath IntentionSetting_calm IntentionSetting_Create IntentionSetting_Enough  IntentionSetting_Free IntentionSetting_Happy IntentionSetting_Joy

What are your intentions and desires for 2016?


29 thoughts on “What Do You Desire In 2016?

  1. I honestly haven’t given it much thought. I like to wait and see what life throws at me and go from there 🙂


  2. Permission is an interesting concept. And something I have struggled with over the last year. Finally giving myself permission to be selfish has been so uplifting and I am so much better for it!

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  3. I love the idea of living intentionally and doing things with purpose. Like, when I do say yes to someone else, what is the purpose of it? Is it to serve from a spirit of love, or is it because I feel like I have to do it? It’s so important to protect and prioritize our time!

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  4. To be more focused. 2015 was a chaotic and messy year for me as I tried to figure stuff out. I’m in a better place, and I don’t feel like my world is turned upside down anymore. Hopefully, I’ll be more grounded and productive this year.


  5. These are great questions and ones I need to find the answers too. I don’t know how to say no, I don’t know how not to give my all to people and I don’t know to give myself permission for time off. My resolution this year is to not to be INVISIBLE this year!

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  6. For 2016 I desire good health for myself and those I love. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and even though I am going to be just fine, it certainly puts things in perspective. I hope you are correct and that good health seeks me, too!


  7. I am so excited you shared all this. My resounding yeses always sit around healthy and fitness. I decided to say yes to the little voice that has been dying to add hot yoga back into my routine and it’s felt soooo good! As for the other questions, I will definitely have to think on those.

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  8. I am hoping to live life intentionally this year. For years we have had to scrimp and save for everything. We still have to save hard in order to get anything now but I’m sick of waiting for life so we are saving for a couple of trips that will take some time but it’s worth it.

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  9. A family vacay – that’s my desire for this year. Both the hubs and I need some R&R. It’s been long overdue so I do hope we get to go somewhere this year and relax!

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  10. I am working on doing more for myself this year and not worrying about others quite as much. Sounds selfish but I really do go overboard for everyone and leave myself in the dust quite often, this year I am putting myself first or at least…close to first…baby steps may get me there!

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  11. I would really like to focus on myself this year, I’ve spent 10 years focusing on 4 little people, I think a little me time wouldn’t hurt anyone, said all mom’s before the house became a complete mess I’m sure lol.

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