The Sparkle Life

The Sparkle Life

What is The Sparkle Life?

We (Mrs. Barbelle and myself) are really excited to announce our new blog land adventure, The Sparkle Life! We decided to start this blog promotion and support group to align with our blogging passions and spread a little more sparkle into our blogger community!


Who are the Sparkle Makers?

We (Becki and Kate) have been sprinkling our sparkle for about 6 months and we really have done our research. We both have our Masters in Education, which translates into the fact that we love to do research and talk to others about what we’ve learned. We’re also still learning something new every day (Periscope anyone?) and hope that new and seasoned bloggers will join us in The Sparkle Life.  We are also a little bit sassy, sparkly, and potentially once in awhile, a teeny bit snarky. You can expect positive encouragement, honesty, and no drama here!


What does The Sparkle Life consist of?

We believe that everyone can use a little sprinkle of sparkle in their life. As we are starting this brand we hope to give encouragement and support to bloggers of all levels, through twitter chats, a Facebook group, and exclusive webinars.


But what about the #fitmyth chats?

We will continue to partner with Nature’s Bakery every third Monday at 7pm for a Twitter Chat. We will still host conversations about healthy habits and support, and we will also start utilizing the hashtag, #thesparklelife to add in conversations about best practices for blogging and how to sprinkle your sparkle in the community.


How can I join in The Sparkle Life?

There are two ways  you can get involved right now! The first was is the November Gratitude Challenge. Here is what you do:

    • Follow @mrsbarbelle, @gratefulyoga, and @thesparkllife on Twitter
    • There will be daily topics announced, asking you to tweet about something you are grateful for!
    • Include the #thesparklelife to join in the challenge

Prizes will be awarded to most creative, most participation, and of course most sparkly. We will be giving away Nature’s Bakery goodies, Kate’s Meditation Stones, and some fun hand lettered quotes! 

The second way to get involved is to join our Facebook Group- The Sparkle Life- Wake Up & Sparkle

    • Request to join our Facebook Group
    • Once you’ve sent your request, send either of the group admin your blog URL and why you are sparkly (creative answers could be rewarded)
    • Once you have joined you will have access to unique threads, blogging resources and checklists, and of course sparkles for all.



So what are you waiting for, get your sparkle on!


Wake Up and Sparkle 2



35 thoughts on “The Sparkle Life

  1. I love the fact that you are accepting diff blog sizes. I am a small one. LOL. I have screenshot this and will follow you via Twitter to be able to join the contests. I’d love to be a part of your FB page as well. 🙂

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