What Is Holding You Back?

My brother Andy has a way of lighting a fire under my butt. Recently, while visiting him we had one of our brother sister, heart to heart conversations. No matter the topic, these conversations always end with a matter of fact stare, a shrug of the shoulders and him saying, “Well, what the hell is holding you back?”

I never have a good answer and usually respond with an audible sigh and a roll of the eyes -because he is always right! The only things that holds me back is myself.

Often the our fear of weakness overshadows the confidence in our strengths and the story we make up in our head gets in the way of who we want to be. But we have to remember that we create our own narrative.

With this in mind I have started journalling and asking critical questions of myself to get to the root of my behavior.

  1. What is holding me back?
  2. What are past experiences I have had that are shaping my current reality?
  3. What are the stories I am creating in my head? ( i.e. I am not qualified enough, I am not tech savvy enough, I am not innovative enough)
  4. What can I shift about my thoughts and attitudes?
  5. What small choices do I need to make to add up to bigger results?

As I have dug deeper and reflected on my reality, I have realized just how much I let myself get in the way of what I want to contribute to this world. And I need to adjust my lens and acknowledge the value of my voice. And you, too, out there in Blog Land – your voice matters, your ideas are cool, your contribution is valuable! Never forget that!

To end,  I’ll ask, “What the hell is holding you back?


Leave a comment and let me know: How have you found your voice? What inspired you? What shifts did you make?








10 thoughts on “What Is Holding You Back?

  1. This is all too familiar! Lately I’ve been trying to journal more too. I use prompts with questions similar to the ones you asked, and just write the responses in my notebook. Sometimes my answers inspire me. I also listen to affirmations daily and meditate.

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  2. Wow…great food for thought! You are so right that our inner narrative has a lot of power. When I journal and look back at what I’ve said it’s amazing how the self-negativity comes pouring out of a positive person! It’s like I’m two different people sometimes. Time to change my narrative and stop being held back by my own thoughts. Good stuff.

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  3. I love posts like this – really makes me step back and evaluate a lot about my life and my passion. Feeling inadequate holds me back – that nasty doubt in the back of your head that says you aren’t good enough (hard for a perfectionist like me). Thanks for inspiring me to STOP and focus on the good!

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  4. Thanks for this inspiring post! I have to ask myself that question every once in a while just to spark that fire to get things done. There are always a million excuses I could come up with for why I haven’t been able to accomplish some goals, but at the end of the day, they’re just that—excuses. I like your idea of making small choices to get a bigger result. That’s totally what I need because a big leap can be a little overwhelming.

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