5 Tips for a Fall Clean Sweep

I find when my house is organized and clean, my mind is more settled and focused.  With the seasons changing it is the perfect time to do some cleaning and purging for a more mindful lifestyle. One of the eight limbs of yoga talks about non attachment or letting go of both the physical and mental things that may clutter our space. Here are some tips that can help declutter your life this fall!

  1. Clean Out Your Pantry – If you are like me things get lost in the back of my pantry. I wind up buying doubles of ingredients that have fallen behind the pancake mix and the graham crackers. Take out all of your pantry items, dust the shelves, check the expiration dates, and reorganize.
  2. Check Batteries and Change Filters – If you can’t remember when you last changed your air filter its time to do so. Dust builds up so quickly! Also check the batteries in your smoke detecters, its good to get in the habit!
  3. Clean Out Your Closet – After each season I try and donate clothes that don’t fit or I didn’t wear. It was really hard at first because I LOVE fashion. But letting go of some of those clothes was liberating. The trick for me is not filling up the closet again!
  4. Rotate Your Mattress – To equalize the wear on your mattress rotate it from end to end. This is also a great time to get out your flannel sheets and warmer bedding.
  5. Purge Your Bookshelf – Its amazing how many books and magazines you can acquire. I like to share books with friends and co-workers and swap them so your bookshelf is always fresh with new reading.

Bonus Tip!

Now that your house is decluttered make it smell like fall! I love to simmer this mixture to make my house smell absolutely yummy! In a small sauce pan combine: 3 cups of water, 1 sliced orange, and 1 cinnamon stick. Put it on low heat and let it simmer while you are in the house until you want to turn it off! Enjoy!

What are your fall clean sweep tips?


30 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Fall Clean Sweep

  1. I so need to go through my kids’s clothes. I donate some and give the others to someone who sells them on Facebook for me. I also like to clean our storage shed and get it ready to store all the toys and items we won’t use in the winter. I stopped by from Blog Passion Project.

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  2. I will never purge my bookshelf, but I am going to take your advice and cull my closet! I am also going to rotate the mattress to see if we can get one more winter out of it before it’s time to finally replace it in the spring.

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  3. Love these tips. We need to rotate our mattress and we have a bin of donations that I need to take. I just got a new pumpkin candle for the house and I can’t wait to light it.


  4. It totally helps that right now I am in nesting mode at 37 weeks pregnant. I am currently purging my kitchen. We have many cupboards for putting items, but we don’t use half of it. So new rule is if we haven’t used it since we moved here 3 years ago, its being donated.

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  5. Such great tips! We’ve been doing some of those things around our home as well. I love your recipe for the simmering potpourri too! I bet it smells delicious!

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