It’s Called Way Good For a Reason!


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I was sent this product to review,  but if you know me – I always keep it real and my opinions are my own! 

I love tea, and I am a sucker for curling up with my favorite ceramic mug and reading a good book. There is something that is so soothing about this ritual, especially with the changing of the seasons. When I learned about  Way Good Tea on twitter I was immediately drawn to their mission of  “spreading the joy of healthy living through our line of cleansing teas that naturally detox the body”. This fit right into my Mindful Living point of view and I was excited connect.

I knew tea was good for you,  but I never really knew just how good – its way good! Way Good Tea has fours kinds of tea and each one is blended with a unique purpose in mind relax, invigorate, brighten, and detox. On the website you can see the benefit of each ingredient and its really interesting!

I had the Lavender Earl Grey Cleanse and it was divine! First of all, the relaxing smell of lavender filled my office! I tried it at work and my coworkers from down the hall followed the scent to my office and see what I was drinking. It was the perfect boost in the middle of the workday! I also really appreciated the thoughtfulness of the packaging and design of the product. And as an added bonus the staff is really passionate about the product and what they are putting out into the world. I feel like I am taking in that good juju every time I brew a cup of Way Good Tea!

Way Good Tea was a wonderful sponsor for the #fitmyth Twitter Chat I co-host with Mrs. Barbelle Mondays at 4pm EST and they have agreed to offer at 15% off code for any order placed through September 28th using the code FITMYTH15 at checkout!

I know I can’t wait to use this code to try some of the other teas, and we hope you enjoy it too!









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