A Month of Mantras to Inspire Mindful Living


Did you know September is national yoga month? At the Grateful Heart Yoga Center we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate! So we are doing an Instagram challenge this September featuring  a month of mantras.

What is a mantra, you ask? A mantra is a short word or phrase used to set a positive intention during yoga or meditation. It helps you focus on something you might need during your day. It is a positive affirmation you say when you you notice self doubt or negative chatter creeping into your mind to help you stay focused and optimistic.

So here is how it works. Each morning during the month of September, a new mantra will be posted on Instagram from @katekryder (that’s me!). Take a picture of yourself that day demonstrating the mantra. Use the hashtag #monthofmantra when you post your Instagram picture showcasing the theme of the day! Once everyone starts using the hashtag you can search on Instagram #monthofmantra and see how other people are inspiring and embodying the mantra of the day!

Here are the Daily Mantras!

  1. I am Calm
  2. I am Love
  3. I am Strong
  4. I am Healthy
  5. I am Enough
  6. I am Contribution
  7. I am Creative
  8. I am Passionate
  9. I am Understanding
  10. I am Blessed
  11. I am Joy
  12. I am Grateful
  13. I am Beautiful
  14. I am Mindful
  15. I am Breath
  16. I am Adventurous
  17. I am Worthy
  18. I am Motivated
  19. I am Restful
  20. I am Positive
  21. I am Brave
  22. I am Still
  23. I am authentic
  24. I am Complete
  25. I am Vulnerable
  26. I am Compassionate
  27. I am Confident
  28. I am Possible
  29. I am Free
  30. I am Radiant

Each of these remind me to live with intention and embody the concept of Mindful Living. In honor of this yoga month challenge, at the end of the challenge I will be giving away the new Brene Brown book, Rising Strong to one lucky person! I hope this challenge will inspire you to embody Mindful Living and be the author of your own life!

See you on Instagram! #monthofmantra


22 thoughts on “A Month of Mantras to Inspire Mindful Living

  1. The challenge is so tempting! I have never tried yoga but it always look so peaceful to me and must be a great stress-reliever! I guess I’ll follow you via IG for now. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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