What is your Currency?

I realize that I read a lot of books all at the same time. Currently, I think I have at least 4 going. I never really finish them either, but they stay on my night stand as good reminders and inspiration. Last night, I picked up where I left off with Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I think the universe is always trying to tell us stuff and we just need to listen. That was definitely the case as I was reading.

In the book, Amy (yes, we are on a first name basis because I want to be besties) really made think about this idea  – What is my currency?

Currency [ cur’ren’cy] is defined  as something that is used as a medium of exchange; general acceptance; prevalence; vogue; a time or period during which something is widely accepted and circulated; the fact or quality of being widely accepted and circulated from person to person.

The idea of currency is about exchanges and the tools we use to shape, track and manage these exchanges. It’s so much more than transfer for goods or services — it includes flows of attention, trust, knowledge, information, participation, time, energy, etc.

I started to brainstorm  – What are my unique talents? What do I bring to the table? How can I use my talents and ideas to be widely accepted currency?

That moment of acceptance comes when we are confident in our contribution.  And remember: someone is depending on you to be exactly who you are.

Comment below what is your currency? How do you use your unique talents to thrive?

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20 thoughts on “What is your Currency?

  1. So that quote “That moment of acceptance comes when we are confident in our contribution” really hits home for me. Sometimes I question my contribution at home because I stay home with my boys and often times feel like I don’t give myself enough credit for the “work” that staying home actually entails. I don’t feel like I’ve had that moment of acceptance yet for some reason, and not sure why I can’t seem to get there.

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  2. Interesting post, it gives me alot to think about. When I think of my currency I think of my compassion and empathy as a nurse. I feel rewarded every day when I am able to make a patient feel a little better and I def think it is a gift to be able to provide compassion and empathy!

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  3. Always giving me gems to hold onto. Especially because it was you that first helped me identify my favorite currency as being the ability to turn lots of chaos and different directions into a process. I love processes =)

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