5 Ways to Be More Mindful on Vacation

Whether you are going somewhere or planning a staycation its easy to get lost in the bustle of traveling and planning and we wind up needing a vacation from our vacation! Tomorrow I am traveling to Chicago and then driving to Northern Michigan to hangout with my family at our Lake (cue Tim Allen and #PureMichigan commercial). Also think top of the pinky when you use your hand to know where in Michigan we are traveling to. But really if you have never been “Up North” as the locals would say, you are missing out! It is absolutely beautiful (don’t worry, pics to come!)

Here are some Mindful Living tips while on vacation.

1. Do as much as you can upfront to detach from your commitments – Allow yourself to do as much as you can before go, so you can really allow yourself to disconnect.

2. Turn off the alerts and push notifications on your phone – It will be waiting for you when you reconnect. Maybe even turn your phone off for the day… GASP!

3. Allow yourself to actually rest – Take at least one day of your vacation to do absolutely nothing. Let your body recharge and get some much deserved rest.

4. Get lost on purpose – you never know what you will find, even if you have a staycation. Be an explorer.

5. Savor the moment – Know that this moment is it! Delight in the moment at hand and find gratitude for it. Enjoy it!

And on that note, I am signing off for the week! I am going to disconnect and enjoy every moment!




7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Be More Mindful on Vacation

  1. I love this post! Such a great reminder how we are all so connected to our devices. I find it so hard to disconnect now, but it really is necessary. We are taking a vacation in Feb and I have every intention of following all of these tips. Thanks!

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