32 Things I Wish My Younger Self Would Have Known – Part 2

Today is my actual birthday and I still haven’t wrapped my head around another year gone by. So much has happened over the last year – so much love, joy, hurt, doubt, creativity, vulnerability, friendship, and growth. This list I have made has really has got me thinking. I really need to take my own advise more often. Mindful Living isn’t always easy. But the more mindful we are about our lives the more joy we will have.

Alright, its time for part two of my epic list of things I wish my younger self would have known! Once again, I hope these inspire you on your quest for Mindful Living.

17. Never Stop Learning – There is always something new to learn at any age.

18. It’s always worth the drive for the milkshake – My dad will always drive off the beaten path or twenty minutes out of the way to find the most delicious sweet treat. It reminds me that its always worth taking a little longer to get where you are going – that the detours are what makes life fun!

19. Know the difference between should and must – I just read the most fabulous book about this! We have to stop worrying about the supposed too’s and focus our attention on the must do’s!

20. Kindness goes a long way – You never know what kind of day people are having, or what they are going through, so be kind.

21. Therapy is a wonderful thing – I love paying a therapist to listen to me. It is fabulous! Never be ashamed of getting help!

22. You passion is not always your job – Its okay if your job isn’t your passion. But find something that is, something that gives you satisfaction, pursue that thing you long to do.

23. Its okay not to have it all figured out – I always tell my students at UNC that I still don’t have it figured out and it will be okay. We put too much pressure on ourselves to have it all laid out perfectly in front of us and it will never be that easy. You have to be okay with the ambiguity.

24. Give yourself permission – Whatever you need at the time  – give yourself permission. Permission to relax, to dream, to do whatever the f*** you want! Give in and give yourself permission to do all of those things that you have always wanted.

25. Get lost on purpose – When I studied abroad in Italy, this was my favorite thing to do. I would walk until I was lost and had to find my way back. Along the way I discovered the most wonderful restaurants, architecture, shops, and of course gelato! That time always reminds me to have a sense of adventure and the most wonderful things happen when you aren’t looking for them.

26. Find your form of expression – I have always been a creative person and I think everyone has it in them, no matter what you think. Allow yourself to discover a form of expression. It could be writing, doodling, singing, dancing, anything that exposes your inner self.

27. Listen to the whispers of the world – The universe is always guiding you, its just a matter of listening. What is it telling you today? Are you willing to listen and act on that? Those gut feelings are usually right.

28. Cherish your relationships – I’ve always been told people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Treasure those times and the people that come into your life.

29. Don’t listen to the critics who aren’t in the arena – Feedback is love.  However, everyone has an opinion and if you are not living to the fullest, failing, covered in blood, sweat, and tears from life, I really don’t have time for you!

30. Let others know the impact they have had on – Tell those teachers, mentors, friends, and people who have made an impact. It will only continue to ripple.

31. Get lost in the moment – Be so enthralled in something you completely loose yourself and the time. It is so exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

32. You are enough. – This is simple, yet at times one of the hardest things to believe. But you are, always have been, and always will be.


I would love to hear your thoughts on part deux! Comment below

If you missed part 1 – its here!


16 thoughts on “32 Things I Wish My Younger Self Would Have Known – Part 2

  1. great list. Many of these ideas focus on simply slowing down which is where I really struggle. When I have an entire day or even a few hours to myself I have my best ideas and it allows me to be so much more productive the rest of the week/month.

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