32 Things I Wish My Younger Self Would Have Known – Part 1

Its my Birthday week – 32 years young on Thursday!!  So I thought I would compile a list of 32 things I wish my younger self would have known. Some important lessons I have learned along the way that now inform who I am! They aren’t in any order just as they came to my mind. The list got a little lengthy and I got a little nostalgic, so I decided to make it a two parter! It will be epic —- so get ready for part one! I hope these will be reminders in your own quest for Mindful Living.

1. Be Authentic – Allow yourself, your deepest, self to be seen. You deserve it!

2. Be Vulnerable – I have finally given in to the power of vulnerability and it has completely changed my life. I find it drives connection in relationships and is absolutely my greatest strength. Thanks Brene!

3. Love comes when you love yourself – As RuPaul says, ” If you can’t love yourself, how in the helllllll are you gonna love somebody else?” Preach!

4. Leave work at work – Those emails will always be there waiting for you. Be willing and able to walk away when you leave work.

5. Love Fiercely – Never Leave it Unsaid – I am firm believe we don’t tell people how we feel about them enough! Share love and appreciation like its going out of style!

6. Cultivate a Gratitude Practice – My partner and I had an apartment fire and lost everything. Through that experience we learned so much about ourselves and what is really meaningful in life.  You have to find gratitude in all things.

7. Resilience – Lots of things are going to test you, but when you have found gratitude and vulnerability you will know resilience.

8. Let go of what you cannot control – I’ll say that one again – Let go of what you cannot control….

9. Find joy in the little things – Enjoy the world around you. Find wonder in the magnolia bloom. Enjoy the taste of your coffee in the morning. Allow yourself to be immersed in beauty that surrounds you.

10. Money isn’t everything, but start saving now! –  Don’t be afraid to start saving for your  golden years now. It’s important to plan and have that cushion later.

11.Take a wild chance – Start today! Take a wild chance that may turn into something incredible, even if you are a little scared!

12. Forgive and allow yourself to heal – Release the burden you may be carrying and allow yourself to heal from the things that have hurt you.

13. Expand your horizons – This is something my dad always said to me growing up and its something I have truly taken to heart. Challenge your perceptions, travel, be inquisitive.

14. Do the thing that scares you most – You might be surprised what happens next.

15. Don’t wish time away – All too often we wish the days away waiting for the next best thing to come along. Find joy in this moment.

16. Laugh – Like deep belly, tears streaming, almost pee yourself laugh! It is just so good for the soul!


Stay Tuned for Part 2 on Thursday! Would love your comments below!



11 thoughts on “32 Things I Wish My Younger Self Would Have Known – Part 1

  1. If I could add something, I would say, Don’t go to college right away! I know, what am I thinking, right? This was my biggest regret, going to college too soon and just picking a major just to pick one. I wish I had waited until I was sure about what I wanted to do. I don’t see how you’re supposed to know at 17 years old! I sure didn’t!

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  2. Happy Birthday! I’m 33 in about 3 weeks and these are all really good reminders. And they take reminding – at least for me! #8 and #12 are the most challenging for me but I’m committed to working on them daily. XO

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