If We Wait Until We Are Ready…

I was recently been reminded of this wonderful quote: ‘”If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”



This idea has totally been resonating with me lately! I think about all the things that would not have happened if I would have waited until I was totally ready… i.e. yoga teacher training, love, and moving to North Carolina.

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These are things that have begun to define who I am; adventures I cannot imagine my life without! Were they difficult, even painful at times?  Absolutely, but the hurt has never outweighed the joy these experiences eventually brought to my life.  In Amy Poehler’s new book Yes Please  she asks what are all the “positive ways you can scare yourself and feel alive”? This is such an authentic and vulnerable way to live – to literally scare yourself into living. Really, deep down, hopes you’ve never told anyone, pee yourself if your dreams actually come true, living.

I think about where my life would be if I was too fearful to live in this way. And I get really sad to then think I might not be a yoga teacher, be in love, or have met some of my absolute best friends by moving across the country without knowing a soul. My life would be completely different.

Although, I probably would have said yes to other adventures. However, my point is that you have to do things that scare you, do things you can’t completely control, do things things that make you happy and do things that make you vulnerable. This is how we truly live. This is how we thrive. This is Mindful Living.


What new adventure will you say yes to today?



7 thoughts on “If We Wait Until We Are Ready…

  1. When I saw this it totally reminded me of the quote “Don’t save it for rainy days because rainy days never come.” The courage and the bravery that you have is outstanding. I don’t know what truly scares me right now, but your advice will be in mind when I discover it.

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