I’ve Been a Bad Yogi…

I have a confession – I’ve been a bad yogi! I haven’t really practiced yoga in 5 months… there I said it!

I finished my teacher training and I let life get in the way of my practice. I made excuses that I didn’t have time because of my job, I tweaked my shoulder, and I didn’t have the money to put into classes. During this time I was living vicariously through other people, and offered tons of classes, meditations, and advise. I even hosted a half day Mindful Living retreat (which was fab) and taught at our local Athleta and Fleet Feet. But something was holding me back from my own practice…

Reflecting as I write, I often give more to others than I give to myself. Caring for others takes up a lot of time and energy, at times I don’t have much left for myself. I know I am not alone in this. Fortunately, writing this blog has really motivated me to think differently about fitness and Mindful Living. It has forced me to embody that every day is a fresh beginning. And that is what I love about yoga – it truly is a practice if you allow it to be, there is always a fresh beginning. It offers endless potential to learn, grow, and master. Each time you get on your mat is different, each side of the body offers a different strength, and each breath is new. Yesterday, after all that time, I went back to my mat. Yes, I was a little rusty, but it felt like coming home as I came into child’s pose. If we are willing to honor ourselves the practice of yoga, mindful living, or whatever you aspire is always available.

So take a breath and do the thing you have been putting off, tell that person how you feel about them, soak up the  self care you deserve, or find a mindful moment. I challenge all of you to honor the body that you bring to the mat today and surrender to the practice – it is always there for you!


16 thoughts on “I’ve Been a Bad Yogi…

  1. This is lovely. We all have times when we fall out of our routine, and sometimes that is a good thing. It makes us realize how much we love it. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder at times. Yoga will always be there for you when you’re ready for it 🙂

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  2. I did not start to appreciate yoga until last year and now can always tell when too long has passed without any practice. I am still working on being more consistent but love it when I am.

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  3. Stuff gets in the way and we veer off for a while and then return with wisdom and dedication… That is what I got from your post. I love yoga and it always brings us back home…

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