3 Ways to Use Lavender

I decided to flex my green thumb this spring and grow lavender on our porch. I’m so excited to have my first bloom! Lavender always reminds me of my mom because always had big lavender bushes in her garden. As a child I remember picking the leaves to get a whiff of the intoxicating aroma. I am instantly brought back to my childhood whenever I smell it. Because of those wonderful memories, I am constantly using lavender in my house and honestly sometimes I use it as perfume. But lavender also has huge health advantages and tons of other uses – below are 3 ways I use it!

1. Relaxation  – I often use lavender oil in my yoga classes during savasana. The calming scent promotes relaxation of the nervous system and reduces stress. Lavender oil has also been proven to help with insomnia and headaches. Mix in several drops of lavender oil into an epsom salt bath before bed and you are sure to be relaxed for a great nights sleep.

2. Skin Care – Lavender Oil is great for your skin! Mix it with coconut oil or aloe and you have a great concoction to use all over your body.  It can be used for  all sorts of remedies like ache, sunburn, dry skin, and minor cuts and scrapes.

3. Cooking – One of the coffee shops I frequent, Joe Van Vough, makes a seasonal lavender latte – so tasty!  I had never really thought about cooking with it until then. But you can infuse lavender into honey, a simple syrup, olive oil, even alcohol.

For more uses, benefits, and recipes check out my pintrest board!


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