5 Last Minute Dad’s Day Gifts

Although I may be the procrastinator out of all my siblings, I do have a knack for giving great gifts. But if you are like me, and haven’t gotten a gift yet for your favorite dad or dad-like person in your life and you are wracking your brain for ideas, this post if for you!

1. Etsy – This is the best website for unique, handmade gifts. You can really find anything on this site and a lot of the vendors will custom create items for you. Check out some fun things like tie clips, leather toiletry bags, or watches. You can even pop by my Etsy Shop!

2. Topo Whiskey Kit – I live in Chapel Hill, NC otherwise known as the Southern Part of Heaven. One of the restaurants in town, Top of the Hill has their own brewery and distillery. They ship their spirits and you can get get a kit to age your own whiskey. I got this for my brother for his birthday and it was a huge hit!

3. Omaha Steaks – Nothing says love like filet mignons! This is such an easy and tasty gift. You can even send full meals that come with dessert.

4. Beard Oil – Lots of dads are rocking the beard these days and proper care for their faces is necessary. Since beards are so trendy there are tons of different kinds of oils in a multitudes of scents.

5. Love Letter – I am a believer in the power of a handwritten letter. Part of Mindful Living is telling the people in our lives how we feel about them. We don’t do it enough!  So get out a pen and paper  and show gratitude to that special dad in your life.





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