Craving Stillness


Lately, stillness has been really difficult for me. I just can’t seem to turn off my brain. I come home from work and think binging on the latest season of OITNB is going to help me relax or playing 1010 for 15 minutes will be mindless act to let go. But in fact, it is just adding to the clutter. We are constantly bombarded with media and connection, even my meditation app (although, fabulous) is on my phone.

Like can you remember the last time you were absolutely still with only the sounds of nature as your soundtrack? And I’m so jealous of my partner Grayson, who finds solace at least three times a week in drawing the perfect bubble bath, lighting candles, and listening to 90’s R&B. I can literally hear the moment he lets go of his daily stress with a giant “Ahhhh”. Then I just get even more pissed that whatever I am doing is not satisfying the voice in my head telling me I need to decompress more.

When teaching, I start most of my mediations with the phrase “In this moment there is nothing to do – there is nothing to fix or manage. In this moment all there is, is to be and that is enough”. People often thank me for saying that phrase because it gives them permission to let go of everything outside of the room and enter the space with the stillness we all crave.

We owe it to ourselves not get caught up in the chaos of the world. We must allow ourselves to exist in those instances of stillness, peace, and gratitude. Because life is about noticing the tiniest moments of joy and enjoying how they ripple and collide with the rest of the world. At some point in our day, that just has to be enough…


If you are like me and are having trouble finding moments of stillness here is a mediation to think on…


By Kate Kryder

Imagine a place of quiet retreat.

Where do you go to find silence, beauty, wonder, peace? Imagine yourself there.

The intimacy of silence reminds us we are never alone.

We have to come to understand silence is the language of the heart.

We need silence to listen to our own heart and to touch the heart of another.

If we listen to our hearts we come to know the wisdom of being still.

When you quiet the mind your soul will speak.


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