5 Tips to Be More Creative

One of my core values is creativity. For as long as I can remember I have always been creative, it guides all that I do. Creativity isn’t just artsy fartsy stuff either, so I don’t buy it when people say they are not creative. I think we all are in our own unique way. You just have to discover how your creative juices flow – below are ways that help do just that!

5 Tips to Be More Creative 

1. Get out of your space – Take a walk, be mindful, take at a difference perspective, notice something you have never noticed before, do something completely new. As my dad would say, “Expand your Horizons, Kate”.  You have to increase your sphere of influence to cultivate creativity.

2. Mind Mapping – This is a technique that adds structure to your idea storm and helps link ideas in a visual way. Best part, there is no wrong answer!

4. Crowdsource  – The more the merrier, tap into the collective impact of a crowd. This is a great way to get feedback, expertise, and collaboration you might not have expected.

4. Do something Silly – Having the confidence to think or do something no one has done before is part of being creative. Build your confidence by owning who you are and do something completely off the wall! Be remarkably ridiculous!

5. Fail – Yes, I said it! F.A.I.L. F…A…I…L…. Fail so hard you want to cry or laugh or curl up in a ball… At least you tried something!




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