Just A Place To Be

This concept mindfulness is so trendy!  I am constantly getting emails from Oprah telling me how be more relaxed and how to live out my passion. Don’t get me wrong I love these emails and Super Soul Sunday is my jam! I need that permission to take a break, to notice and be mindful during my day. All too often we assume the habits and routines of our path. I was so proud of myself, the other day I actually stopped and smelled a magnolia bloom on my walk to work. Of course, I then instagramed it to prove I had taken a #mindfulmoment. Baby steps, people! But these small shifts in our day must add up to something, right?  Some way of being – of Mindful Living.

I need this place of Mindful Living. I crave this place, frankly – and I’m a freaking yoga teacher. I help others find their bliss all the time. Why can’t I have it too? A place to disconnect from the constant media, to tune out negative self chatter, and to let go of all the preconceived notions of what I should be doing and how I should be living. I need a place where all things positive and good can live, if only for a moment. Just a place to be.

But How?

I started to idea storm about how to be and asked social media. Overwhelming, the things people said were relatively simple, yet so incredibly profound. Its not rocket science to BE – be yourself, be intentional, be open. However, I think discovering what being means to us, is one of the most challenging, yet gratifying daily life lessons. And when we tell others to how to be authentic, kind, courageous, or fill in the blank with any admirable value.  Secretly, I think we are telling ourselves to do the same. Because being is hard work, darn it! I struggle with Mindful Living and being daily, and I know I am not alone. Every now and then we need reminded of the simple ways of being compassionate, grateful, or patient. We need to be reminded to feel the breeze against our skin, to say hello to a complete stranger, and to take a breath when you don’t know what the next moment holds.

So I invite you on a journey of How to Be. I am taking all of the advise from friends on social media and some of my own ideas to see if this Mindful Living thing is really possible. I hope you read along as I fumble, reflect, giggle, and of course instagram. And who knows, you might just get something out of it too!





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